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Managed Servers

Managed Cloud Servers

Advantages of Managed Cloud Servers for your business
✓ High availability by default on Qube's cloud platforms
✓ Fully managed cloud infrastructure (you own no hardware)
✓ Fully managed & 24/7 monitored cloud server operating systems
✓ Our experts do the OS patching and maintenance
✓ Expert troubleshooting, tuning and advice when you need it

What is a Managed Cloud Server solution?
Cloud servers, also known as VDS or "Virtual Dedicated Servers", are virtual machine instances hosted on the Qube cloud platform. Hosting on Qube's cloud platform gives you access to high-powered managed cloud servers, premium data centre facilities and low-latency bandwidth, without the high infrastructure capex and opex costs. Qube's team of highly skilled engineers manage and monitor the cloud platform 24/7, allowing you to concentrate on your applications and customers.

Allowing Qube to manage and monitor your cloud servers means that you can focus on more important tasks.
It also means that Qube is always keeping a watchful eye on your infrastructure and you can be assured of a proactive response.

Choose Managed Cloud Servers if:
  • You want to move away from physical infrastructure (no more hardware management)
  • You have medium I/O requirements

  • You want to leverage the flexibility of cloud servers

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